Rider's FAQ

1Why should I use TwoFerry?

Tired and impaired driving is the number one cause of vehicle deaths in the United States. And we get it, until now, it was always damned if you do and damned if you don’t. Damned with inconvenience the following morning if you were responsible and got a ride home, and damned by potentially being arrested (or worse) if you choose to drive impaired. Let a TwoFerry driver team help you and your car get home.

2 How does it work?

Simply download the TwoFerry app from either the Apple App Store or Android Marketplace depending on your phone. You will need to register before you can request your first ride, and we recommend you do all that when you are sober. The full process takes about 5 minutes because we collect information about your insurance and details about your car - which our driver teams will need in order to identify your vehicle in the wild.

3How do I get a ride?

After you have created an account and provided your vehicle information, you go to your car and request a ride. You will get a confirmation when the driver team has accepted your ride request and is on their way. When the team arrives, they will validate your plate number through the app. You will sit in the passenger seat or back seat of your own vehicle while the Pilot drives you home.

4 How much does the service cost?

TwoFerry costs about the same as taking a ride share there and back, and we don’t mess with surge pricing. The real savings, comes in the form of efficiency because you aren’t wasting your time the next day having to pick your car up from wherever you left it. You can estimate your fare based on trip mileage on the Ride Calculator page.

5 What happens if something goes wrong?

Our number one goal is safety - after all our whole service revolves around providing you a safe and sober driver. If at any point something doesn’t feel right, you can call a TwoFerry representative, or emergency services directly through the app. We also carry an umbrella insurance policy that covers you and your vehicle during the trip.

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