Driver's FAQ

1Who can be a driver?

Anyone 21 or older with a valid driver’s license, a social security number, a clean driving record, no DUI within 7 years, and the ability to pass a criminal background check.

2How do I make a driver team? Will TwoFerry pair me with another driver?

Not yet. To drive for TwoFerry you have to BYOP - bring your own partner. The members of your team are called a Captain and a Pilot. The Captain drives their own car, the Pilot drives the client’s car, with them the client in the vehicle. To pair your team, one person logs in as the Captain, the other as the Pilot, then go through the team creation flow. You decide amongst yourselves own who will have which role when you go online to start accepting rides.

3How do I get a ride?

After you have paired your team, you can go online together. When you are online and a client requests a ride, you will receive a notification and have 60 seconds to accept an incoming ride request before the request is passed to the next available driver team.

4 How do we get paid?

Drivers get to keep the bulk of the fare, because after all, it’s your business and you are doing the heavy lifting. TwoFerry takes a very small cut to cover costs to run the platform. About 24 hours after you complete a ride, you are able to transfer your earnings onto a debit card of your choosing, right through the TwoFerry app.

5 How much do we get paid?

TwoFerry keeps a small portion of the ride fare proceeds ($5 + 7%) which covers maintenance and upkeep of the platform. The remaining amount (plus 100% of any tips awarded) are split down the middle and put in the Captain and Pilot's respective accounts.

6 If I am a driver, does that mean I am a TwoFerry employee?

No. TwoFerry drivers are contractors. This means that drivers have the flexibility to work where and when they want, but they also need to manage their own taxes and business compliance. As contractors, there are lots of helpful apps that can help you track your earnings and deductions so you are prepared for tax time. One option that we love is Everlance!

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